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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> live from center city, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. and this morning breaking news. three people are dead following a horrific fiery crash in northeast philadelphia. we are live at that scene. and also, another breaking story. an air france plane makes an emergency landing after officials find what appears to be a bomb on board. and there's a condition that this little boy was born with no laughing matter. so when that tv show made fun of it, this local family knew they had something to do and they are here with their message this morning. so good sunday morning to all of you. five days till christmas people tweet. good morning, dave warren. >> good morning. i'm in bill's chair this morning. >> bill is off he had to go to a wedding. we miss him. we want to say good morning to you. and let's get up to date on this
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forecast because people have a lot of plans a lot of shopping. big game tonight. >> big game and feels like it's winter. it does. big change. actually feels like it should this time of year. center city philadelphia is nice, sunny start to the day, little light breeze, karen a little question here, what's your favorite carol? >> i like sleigh ride. >> sleigh ride. that's good because did you know that today -- >> what? >> is caroling day? >> oh will not assault you with my terrible voice. >> i could be right there with you. >> i know. there she goes. wendy singing. >> caroling day. weekend wendy sun there. they have degrees tonight and out tonight 37. temperatures climbing above that 40-degree mark but it's not dropping as much overnight tonight. a couple of great pictures coming in this morning. cape may, this is john sent us this. beautiful sunrise there and michael sent this one farther inland just a great start to the day there with sun coming up behind the trees a little cold, little chill in the air but we're clear. no snow showers out there. ultimate doppler is all clear.
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it will stay that way today. here are the headlines. defendant day so far. we just dropped down below the freezing mark maybe into the upper 20s. wind not as gusty. still cold today but look we're talking about records and rain in that seven day forecast. there's the picture that's what you step outside to right now. so certainly a great start to the day. let's get you caught up on any traffic issues this sunday morning. here's bob kelly. ♪ hey, good morning, everybo everybody. big game in south philly to night, eagles 8:30 kickoff but you know we got to get down there early to have our hot chocolate and do us some tailgating we'll see a lot of volume. normal game day volume all day in and out of south philly. septa adding extra trains and service on the subway and the market frankford line. the sports express trains to get you down there and back and if you'll be traveling maybe doing some holiday shopping today, northbound lanes of 202 penndot has been working all weekend putting in new traffic pattern northbound between route 30 the
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bypass and route 401. and in the neighborhood like port richmond and fishtown, it's been a rough couple of days here as penndot shut down the ramp from girard avenue to head north on 95. the neighbors are not happy. they got to work all the way up to castor avenue in order to gain access to that northbound side. enjoy the rest of the day. go, eagles! i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning to check the jam cams beginning at 4:00. >> ♪ thank you bob. we are following some breaking news this morning. a france bound plane was forced to make an emergency landing in kenya after a device suspected to be a bomb was discovered in the bathroom. experts have retrieved that device and are determining if it contains explosives. kenyan authorities are questio questioning several passengers from that plane though it is not known if they are under arrest. and more breaking news. we know that three women have been killed following a high speed crash in northeast philadelphia. horrific scene.
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it all happened at torresdale and rhawn streets that's where we have jenny joyce right now live this morning with the very latest on this one. jenny, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, karen. according to police, three women were killed in a crash here on the 1200 block of torresdale avenue near rhawn street. police say the three victims killed were traveling in a camaro. it happened just before 3:00 o'clock this morning. police tell us the car was traveling at a high rate of speed as it was coming down torresdale. it hit a loaded parked tractor trailer and caught fire with live wires trapping the vehicle, hazmat was called out as precaution. >> there's three fatalities in the camaro, and the tractor trailer itself was also involv involved. the fuel tanks erupt. the fuel ran down the gutter and also caused second tract trailer to catch finder the bridge. >> reporter: so this second of torresdale avenue remains closed right now as police continue
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working on the investigation trying to figure out exactly how all of this happened. karen and bill. >> all right, jenny, thank you. a story you'll see only right here on fox. family of a 10 month old baby who police say died after being found unresponsive at her daycare last week has spoken exclusively to fox 29. that little girl her name is jaira counts. her grieving family there outside having a vigil outside the daycare where she ended up losing her life afterwards. sisters child care center they want some answers from state officials as to why that center on germantown avenue was allowed to stay open despite two dozen non-compliance issues that they found in an inspection back in july. officials say sisters was cooperating with the state to continue fixing those issues at the time of that child's death which has been described as suspicious by police. that little girl's family says workers did not call 911 that child was found then allege she was not even taken to the hospital right away. >> i just don't understand how
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the state knew that all this was out here. i mean, all these violations and not once did you check. you left the doors open. >> neither the daycare nor the department of human services which regulates daycares in the state responded to our request s on -- saturday yesterday when they asked for comment. the daycare has already been shut down by the state now. city officials say an historic bridge will be closed to cars next month because it needs emergency repairs. crews will reportedly close the falls bridge for about a month. the bridge will be closed to cars but a lot of you use it for biking, walking, running, that's okay. the city says the entire rehabilitation will cost $6 million. it is 8:06 right now. big political news, of course, they had the democrat turn to debate last night and some surprises including an apology. former secretary of state hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders and martin o'malley took the stage in vermont. all the big topics gun control, fighting terrorism but it all started with an apology from
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sanders to clinton after one of his former employees accessed some of her exclusive campaign e-mails. >> you said of your staff they did the wrong thing. >> absolutely. >> the secretary clinton deserve an apology tonight? >> yes. i apologize. >> secretary clinton, do you accept? >> senator clinton he's apologized. how do you react. >> i very much appreciate that comment, bernie. >> clinton now has a 31-point lead over sanders in the latest washington post poll. it is 8:07. president obama and the rest of the first family landed in hawaii yesterday morning to celebrate christmas and new year's there. the president stopped in southern california beforehand to meet with some of grieving family members that were affected by the shootings out there in california. and we were so close many thought it would happen but a deal on the budget in pennsylvania just completely fell apart. it has been six months of haggling and we're still nowhere. coming up, what caused that whole thing to unravel and what
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will happen with our schools. plus i have a question for you. take a guess. what do quarterback peyton manning, actor joaquin phoenix and that little boy all have in common. the special message his family has. they'll be joining us live. >> we want to see your pictures. you're sending so many in. i love it. your christmas photos, your eagles photos and if you make a video of a holiday message went play it on tv you'll get a t-shirt. , also, we hope you all had a good night' sleep last evening. if you did maybe your pet are to thanks. sue serio has some silly science. ♪ >> it may sound a little silly for those of hughes toed and turned because your dog is hogging the covers or if you had an early wake up call from a cat whose ready for breakfast. but science suggests your pet may actually help you sleep. co sleeping with your furry family members gets the thumbs up in a new study from researchers at the may your clinic center for sleep medici medicine. their work shows pet owners are saying they sleep better knowing
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their animal best friend is hitting the sack by their side. our dr. mike explains. >> in this very small study, of about 150 people, they found that on average about 41% of those patients stated that they slept better when they had their dog or cat in bed with them. >> there is a little bit of danger in that it may affect your sleep which might make you tired. you can get into car accidents, and sleep deprivation on a chronic basis can lead to all kinds of problems. the only good thing about having close contact with your dog or cat is that studies show that later on in life, you will have less allergies. you will have less asthma because you were exposed to those allergens from the dog and the cat early in life. so, yes, that is a benefit. but overall, don't sleep with your pets. >> good advice from dr. mike.
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your sleep is serious business. even if the study little silly. ♪
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>> avalanche in norway has left one person dead and nine others injured. this happened following a storm on saturday that produced winds of up to 60 miles per hour. the avalanche destroyed homes, toppled cars and left a number of people buried under that snow. we want to imagine something. off child born with a birth defect.
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lots of painful surgeries can help, but it's a long and hard road. now imagine there's a show on tv a comedy that makes fun of your child's condition. there's a local family you can probably hear them from sewell, new jersey hook wants you to know their story and why their baby's condition is no laughing matter. >> it was at the 20 week ultrasound matt and kristin learned their baby will cleft palate they pick a strong name i was trick and together they faced his many surgeries. it was scary for first time parents to have such big operations on their little baby. and there were a lot of tears. eating was hard and recovery a struggle but i was trick is an amazing trooper who has grown and thrived look at how far he's come. what am an amazing smile. he can charm the socks off just about anyone. just about a month ago, he became a big brother to little nash. they have so many reasons to celebrate but there is something that's brought them a lot of pain, a tv show called survivors remorse on the stars network.
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made fun of their child's condition using foul language and hurtful words. >> what they call it? cleft palate. >> that's true. you got snaggle teeth and weird bleep. >> now thousands in the cleft community are calling out on facebook for the show the network and the producer lebron james to apologize saying their children's pain is no laughing matter. >> they are joining us right n now. you can see ale aidric. beautiful and feisty like active toddler. thank you so much for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you so much. >> what has this journey been like for you? >> it's a roller coaster for sure. as you can see, there's very happy ending. but it's been a roller coaster since even before he was born. the pregnancy was tough. once we got the news, but we had to make lost decisions along the
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way to try to focus on the positives want we were going through instead of focusing on the challenge that is he was going to face after he was born. >> when this tv show came out it ran this fall. they're making fun of this condition that your child has. why did it make you so angry and why was it so hurtful. >> i took note of it on instagram. i didn't see the show. i didn't see the episode. i saw a clip posted by some people in the cleft community that we follow on instagram and we've been in touch with. so i saw it. it struck a cord like i think it would with anyone even if you didn't have a child with cleft. >> you can put him down. >> so i knew -- >> it's hard to sit still. >> he'll definitely run around. so i definitely knew that i could possibly take the opportunity to maybe educate some people about it and spread a little bit of awareness. >> educate us. >> well, it's something we weren't prepared for. i know that. >> but it's one of the most
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congenial anomalies. we've heard one in 600, one in 700 children are born with some form of cleft. it's very common. a lot more common than you think. after our diagnosis, you know, as teachers, i started to see kids in my own schools, i saw the scar and i rec 95 them right away. but you know you never kind of put -- you never really noticed it before. >> why do you think it was not funny when this show, you know, made fun of this condition and using those kind of language. why was that so hurtful to you? >> i had always said, you know, matt and i talk about this before he was born, that with other parents of children who are cleft infected, he's going to have to deal with some issues in his life and i'm sure he's going to deal with bullying from other children for looking a little different. but to hear bullying come from adults it's very problematic in my mind just to hear. we know better as adults what's appropriate and what's not, ton
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pick on defenseless children, some of his toughest years are going to be when he's a baby and a young child and add lessen that's when he's going to be dealing with most of his surgeries. so to attack kind of defenseless children from adults it's just completely unacceptable. >> he's had a number of surgeries already. >> he's had two so far. he had his lip repair was at three months and his palate repair was about 10. >> he looks amazing but really scary. he had tense moments. >> yeah. they're difficult surgery because they are so little and it affects -- (laughter). >> he's doing better now. affects breathing, eating, so very traumatic to see any parent to watch their little baby go through a surgery like that. >> thank you for trying raise awareness spread the word certainly. are you ready for santa? >> santa. >> are you going to get a truck. >> are you going to see santa? >> a truck. >> yes. >> santa. thank you very much for coming on our show and helping us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for sharing your story.
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>> thank you. >> also there's a link on our website for a group that sells t-shirts. >> yeah. >> cleft >> raises money. >> money can be donated to help families with clefts. and what's the name -- >> floss psalm creation is a great sight for cleft awareness. they sell et cetera see. a lot of t-shirts. >> really clever. >> new care packages and just for support. >> thank you so much. also we did reach out to the stars network and the producers of the show and they did not have any comment on that. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> we do appreciate it. >> thank you, karen. >> dave, very chilly. let's get a check of our forecast. >> a little chilly out there this morning, and these are a look at our item >> ultimate doppler looking pretty good this ming.
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all clear. had a few snow showers come north yesterday. today it is just the focus on these temperatures. right about 40 this afternoon. i think with a little sunshine we'll be able to climb up a little few degrees must have forward degrees maybe stuck into the 30s just to the north, though. look at what we have. here it is. this is the warmer weather that's going to work it's way into the area. our temperatures are going to climb a few degrees each day and that continues until we get to about christmas eve where we peak into the mid to low 70s so that could be record high temperatures that we're talking about this week. so mid 40s today with sunshine. the clouds will increase tomorrow. we're not quite as cold overnight into the 50 there is tomorrow afternoon. upper 50s on tuesday much that's when we start this rainy period even though we're talking about the warm weather it does come with a little bit of rain. starting tuesday evening then continuing wednesday and thursday with showers. of course, a look at the numbers and what happens once all the warm air moves out, that's with the holiday forecast and the seven day i'll have that coming
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up a little bit later. now it's time for breakfast with bob. >> with the holidays fast approaching, one of the precious cooking for everybody this com coming over of the especially if in your house the tradition is the feast of the seven fishes on christmas eve. with me is vincent the chef here at frankie's on fairview. first of all, vince, explain to me for the folks at home the feast of the seven fishes. >> sure. feast of the seven fishes is basically on christmas eve it's dealt after mass or in that 9:00 o'clock hour we usually enjoy different fishes from linguini and clams to a little bit of seafood shrimp cocktail, seafood pesca tour. >> let's go down the line and show everybody we'll do the feast of the seven fishes. >> sure. >> this is salmon, sing salmon with fresh tomato basil, butter. >> okay. >> this is bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp with horseradish dipping
8:21 am
sauce and this is traditional linguini and clams. this is seafood pesca tour like the fruit of the sea. it's basically like little tomato sauce with local fresh seafood. >> and this is a traditional sigh tal yann wedding soup with little veal meatballs and escarole and greated parmesan an little egg drop. >> shrimp cocktail. >> shrimp with a little classic cocktail sauce. >> okay. >> and then we have mussels marinara our famous here at frankie's we do and we sell a lot of that. and this is simple stuffed mushroom. with crab meat, jumbo lump louisiana crab meat and little baby mushrooms. and we have a classic, you know, clams casino. >> my favorite. i love this. >> we just have bacon wrapped scallops. and then -- >> i'm can you to go your house. >> great. you're welcome. and we have some blackened grouper. pan zeroed with butter sauce. >> the feast of the seven fishes. we have more than seven here,
8:22 am
right? >> yes, we do. >> we can pick and choose. >> sure. take the load off your household during the rush of the holidays and make it ease your for everyone at home. >> what's cool everything you see here is available to order and pick up on their website frankie's on we'll put it up on our website. so from all of us here at frankie's to all of you at home -- merry christmas! >> merry christmas is right. that looks amazing. i love the night of the seven fishes. deal for pennsylvania budget fell apart. coming up what's next in this state of pennsylvania where 70 schools say they cannot continue to operate without getting money from harrisburg. plus, hi santa claus. hi, what are you list perking? was he a good guy? we'll get into the holiday spirit going to the christmas village in love park to check out all the festivities. bruce was on saturday night live last night. amazing. the performance everyone is
8:23 am
talking about. there's your lottery numbers. hope you have them. ♪ z test text1 plain
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welcome back. a little taylor swift as we take a look outside trenton on this chilly but very seasonal morni morning. it actually gets you in the holiday spirit. i think. let's take a look at some of the pictures you've been sending in. thank you kevin. eric and ryan with santa my stepchildren so cute. thank you for that one. also, matty g look at this one he's got eagles superior i merry christmas to all my fox family. joan, never too old to visit santa. heck, no. absolutely. and then this one you recognize that face. oh, yeah, alex holley look at her cute ugly sweater there. we had a holiday party one of our photographers through it and another person that works here in our sales department. so lots of fun last night. maybe you had a holiday party as well. let's check sports. sean? >> this fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell eagles taking on the best passing game in football. the arizona cardinals are led by larry fitzgerald a future hall
8:27 am
of famer. he's having one of the best years as a pro and eagles will have to find a way to contain one of greats. >> he's smart enough to read defenses well and he does all the dirty work, too. he blocks willingly and does really well. he's all around good refer the. that's why he's been one of the best in this league for really time. >> to hockey flyers, blue jackets went into shootout. columbus brandon slaps it right between mason' legs. now it's brayden schenn's chance to keep them alive but he can't get it done. the blue jackets within three-two ending the flyers two game winning streak. in college hoops, top 25 match up nova taking on virgin virginia. second half cavaliers malcolm hits the triple. move have a loses 86-75. their second loss in top 25 team in as many tries much that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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♪ are you in the spirit? if you are, make a quick little video send it to us and we'll get i was free t-shirt shot out holiday message to someone love. let's take look at the top stories this morning. services have been announced for new jersey state trooper who was killed in the line of duty this week. trooper eli mccarson was
8:31 am
responding to a domestic dispute on wednesday when his cruiser crashed into a utility pole. a viewing is going to be held on wednesday morning. it will begin at 8:30. it is expected to be large they'll have it at rowan university a funeral service will follow at noon. just when we thought we had deal on our pennsylvania budget it was shot down again. the big sticking point pension reform. the republicans wanted it. governor agreed but democrats balked. the bill would have forced newly hired teachers and state workers into a new revamped pension system. it was defeated collapsing the deal to solve the six month budget impass. pennsylvania has been without a budget since the start of july and schools are struggling to stay open. some say they don't what's going to happen in the new year. all right, dave. >> i know what's happening today it's cold start. coldest we've seen so far this season here. wind chills about the same. little less breeze. little colder temperatures. so little trade off here this morning. 20s and 30s there did drop down below freezing actually in
8:32 am
philadelphia. now up to 32. 20s to the north and west. mid to low 30s to the south. how about tonight, though? not nearly as cold. wendy at the eagles game 38 at 6:00 o'clock. last night it dropped quickly because we have these clouds, not the case tonight. light breeze innocent quite as. temperatures only into the mid to low 30s before that we hit 43 along 95. 40 north and west with just a few more clouds. south and east that's a chilly sunshine, 41 degrees. karen? >> thank you, dave. dave has got a bunch children. to they give you presents, dave? >> yes. i take them to buy me presents. that's the key. (laughter). >> i did little bit of that yesterday as well. shopping for daddy, of course. so special when they get us thing. so how do they pick out what they want to get for us? jenn fred tackles this one. >> reporter: i have to begin by saying merry christmas to not just my own family but to all of the moms and dads out there. now, you guys know this. some moms and some dads are going get amazing gifts that are bought from the store.
8:33 am
some of you moms and dads are going to get amazing gifts that are probably made at school or made at home. now i had to figure out exactly what goes into the thought process of who is buying what gift, what money with all of that when it comes to the little kids. so you know what i did? i just asked them. >> a hug. >> hug? >> yeah. that's all you'll give them for christmas? >> yes. >> it's a yes or no answer. shirt, kids, gifts or parents? >> i'm not sure. because if i say no, then they'll will be severe consequence. >> what do you think you should get for mom or dad on christmas? >> um, bottle opener or fire extinguisher. >> why do you think that. >> to drink beer and fire in case there's fire. >> safety first. >> yes. >> what should you get your mom mow for christmas?
8:34 am
>> blender. >> what's she going to do way blender? >> she loves to make smooth these. >> smooth these? >> what about for your daddy? >> um, a new... >> a pitch fork. >> you want to get your dad a pitch fork. >> um-hmm. >> what do you want to get your mommy for christmas. >> i can't tell you. >> why not. >> because you are my mom. >> i usually -- >> what do you get your mom or dad for the holidays for presents? >> my mom i get jewelry and my dad i don't know. >> how do you decide what to get your dad? do you talk to your familiarly? talk to your friends? how do you decide? >> um -- >> yeah. >> do you ever make your parents anything? >> um, no.
8:35 am
>> all right. guys, say merry christmas. >> merry christmas. is it hard to get your mom or dad something for christmas? >> is it hard? >> what do you do? >> like nothing. >> what are you going to get your mom and dad for christmas? >> i'm not telling you. >> why in the? because you're filming the video. >> what about daddy? >> don't tell. >> okay. >> what i'm getting him is -- >> how do you get the money to buy your mom a present? >> um, ask dad or use your piggy bank. >> what are you going to get your mom for christmas? >> i can't tell you. >> say merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> tell me what you think is a good gift for a parent on christmas morning? >> i think holiday love would be a great present. i think every mom or dad should know how much their kid loves them. >> lindsay there said it the best. every mom and dad, grandma,
8:36 am
aunt, uncle and every child just deserves even more love this time of year and especially on christmas morning. merry christmas, everybody. >> merry christmas jenn. you got to see her kids landry and brody there. this is our instant poll reaction. do your kids get you presents? i just a hug and kiss but it's cute when they pick out something as well. use our hash tag fox 29 yes if they get you presents or fox 29 no, no presents needed. we'll have the results in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ welcome back. would you look at that. that sound you hear is live from the christmas carols music people cheering in the poconos they can make snow. would you look at that. big bear they've got snow up there. so they'll be getting ready for the skiing season. i think a couple passing flurries that passed over that neck of the woods. let's see some of your pictures. you are in the holiday spirit as well. bill perez always has a lot of fun christmas hats and cheer.
8:40 am
adrianna and serafina bought a shop kin. those are so hard to get and people are going craze city get them with a barbie on the train. lucky girl. >> kathy baker friend of show ho, ho, ho from crazy me. love you. love you right back. >> we also love our michael eugene jerrick he's got trend. >> i'm merrick jerrick and this the trend. ♪ >> as you know, it's our job to cover the news but every now and then we become the news. for example, this week in the state of iowa, a reporter is in front of a bank reporting live on the air about a bank robbery when this happened. >> tyler just 24 hours ago this bank in -- >> that guy right there. >> what? >> that's the robber. >> oh, that's the robber. >> that's a bank employee comes running out. shouting at the reporter that's the robbery guy. that's the guy. that's the suspect.
8:41 am
so the reporter runs out of his live shot and chases after the robbery suspect. police ended up catching the guy just outside of minneapolis. okay. this next one kids i need your help. is this what you call the mash up stuff where they take the president of the united states and they cut it all up and ed did it it together so it looks like he's singing a song. did you see this one, boom. youtube channel called barrack dubs. it has in the past released versions of the president singing michael jackson thriller and about the weekend i can't feel my face but the version of hotline bling has to be the best. they've gone as far super imposing president obama's face on drake's body as he performs the iconic hotline bling dance moves. >> ♪ call me on my cell phone late night when you need my help ♪
8:42 am
>> ♪ hotline, bling, that's can only mean one thing, i know when the hotline blinks, that can only mean one thing ♪ >> and that's ladies and gentlemen is the trend. ♪
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8:45 am
welcome back. so many people right now in the holiday spirit. they like to show it off and be festive as on junior reporter tracy found out. ♪ >> i think does he it by the christmas magic. >> i have no idea. >> like the more people that sleep the more his sleigh can go. >> i think he gets in his sleigh and brings toys and flies. ♪ >> when i was little, i received a box full of cole and my dad said that must have been for when you did something wrong. isn't someone gave me mug even gave it to someone else at christmas, yes, i've done that before. >> my dad got me a whole box of bake beans when i was a kid.
8:46 am
>> half eaten box of crackers. i know. >> opening presents. >> getting presents from santa claus. >> what you get from christmas is the presents. >> the love. the feeling that you get when you're around family. >> i like giving gifts to other people. making them happy i guess. >> rudolph the read nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. >> jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way. oh, what fun it is to ride in one horse opened sleigh, hey. jingle bells, jingle bells, single all the way, oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse opened sleigh. >> all right. >> i don't know -- i don't remember all the words. >> gin bell bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. ♪
8:47 am
dave, i saw those kids in their hats. they certainly need them as we take a look at the pocono mountains. not too much snow in this picture. it certainly didn't stick around but cold enough they can make it. i think some in the background, dave. is it going to stay for the rest of this week? >> we're talking about the hats. they may need the short sleeves soon but probably into the too far away. we are into the 70s here not long ago. could be headed back there over the next few days. our scale today pretty much between okay and good. not bad. not great. but a little cool. little lighter breeze sun goes down just before 5:00 o'clock you want to check out the lights. looks pretty good. eagles game pretty good weather. just a light breeze. that's what we're talking about today. right now the temperatures just a little colder. 32 degrees in philadelphia. 20s in the suburbs. the wind chills about the same. temperature little colder but don't have the gusty win not quite as gusty as yesterday. still cold, though. only into the mid to low theirs. warmer in wild add at 37.
8:48 am
it will climb into the 40s again today. we'll watch this warmer weather approaching from the west. a little front tries to work its way through monday night and tuesday. we see the clouds increase that will keep the item temperatures from dropping too much tonight and tomorrow night but the rain arrives on tuesday. we're looking at periods of rain tuesday then by wednesday and thursday it gets even warmer a lot of warm air comes up from a big storm which is approaching from the west. these numbers go from the 40s, the fief tears the 60s. 71 degrees that's a record high christmas eve. christmas day a little cooler down to 55 degrees. and then with cooler breeze there on saturday with a temperature of 55. now it's time for knocking the king. ♪ >> all right. how war, i heard what you had to say about pete rose being allowed back in baseball, and another got to say i disagree. >> pete rose was one of the best players in the game. led baseball with more kids hits than any other player that ever played major league baseball. so why not let him back? to
8:49 am
help young players that's what he would do. who better than pete rose to do that. and to not be in the hall of fame is a joke. there are so many memories of pete rose in the hall of fame with his memorabilia and other photos and all kinds of things. he bet on baseball. he made a mistake but after 26 years, hasn't he paid the price? >> the guy just stopped denying that he bet on baseball and really doesn't show any remorse for what he did. so i don't really see what the benefit of having him around young players or organizations at all is. i mean just kind of let him go about his business and i think leave it as is. and nice tie, too, howard. >> oh, i'm sorry, rain i kind of nodded off during that. you were so -- it was so enthralling what you had to say about the whole situation. by the way, i don't know that you know what tie is. but next time i'll help you with the t shirt and could you clean up a little bit for us before you kind of bring yourself to television. try to make your point. but let me make my point. pete rose should be in for lot
8:50 am
of reasons. you have cheaters already in the game. mark mcguire works for team. he cheated the game and changed the out come of games by using performance enhancing drugs. barry bonds is about to work for a team. he changed games by using performance enhancing drugs. you have domestic violence people that are back in baseba baseball. it's a win/win/win for everybody. a win for baseball, a win for the fans, a win for pete rose who is mr. baseball. come on now. get real here. would you? think you have what it takes to knock the king? well, you too can shoot a video i suggest you clean it up a little bit, you know, be a little presentable. up load it to us and i'll talk to you next week.
8:51 am
i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i say "don't eat me now."
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ if you were looking to make some fabulous holiday cocktails, bill anderson has some great ideas with some help. ♪ >> welcome to fox food bite. as you can see i've got antlers and candy canes on so we must be talking about alcohol and mixed drinks we've got hudson from the wine merchant to talk to us about holiday drinks that you can make and impress your friends. welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. >> all right. >> what we got? >> so i did two fun little drinks. this first one is a candy cane cocktail. something really easy but totally holiday flavor.
8:54 am
>> holidays sounds good. >> exactly. what we're going to do we're going add ice to this. >> okay. >> i'll let do the work. i'll be the sampler. >> no, you got to do something. i can't have you standing there the whole time. i'll have you make the whole drink on the other one. >> you don't trust me with the alcohol? >> i can do the non click. that's good. >> all right. so we've got our ice in there. and then just want to add our main ingredients we want little rum. >> all right. >> so we add a little bit of rum. that's about 2-ounces of rum basically. >> little bit of rum. >> little bit of rum. >> okay. >> little bit is relative. if you like a lot more rum add a lot more rum. >> so then a little bit of cream did he cocoa and just a tiny little bit. a little splash of flavor you want to add to that. >> okay. >> and then a little bit of peppermint snaps. >> boom that's the candy cane. >> that's the candy cane as spec that's will bring out most of that flavor. >> all right. so we add a little bit of peppermint snaps. that's a little bit more than what we did the cream d cocoa
8:55 am
and finish it with a touch of have you vermouth. >> i'm noticing this is pretty much all alcohol. >> it is. >> i'm just making sure we're clear. >> all your mixers are alcohol then it's a great drink. >> merry christmas. >> little bit of vermouth. you don't need a lot. if you use a good quality one you can get a lot of flavor and then rather than shake this up what you can do we'll put a little bit of mint if you want to do that. add a little bit of mint. you'll stir it with a giant candy cane. >> antlers on, giant candy cane because this is rugged and manly. >> exactly. >> all right. >> this is my drink. >> this is your drink. >> i can try it. >> you can try it. here we go. that's actually really good. >> it is. >> we'll get back to that one later. if you don't want to have the designated driver and stomach link on home, we also can do some without alcohol. >> exactly. >> a lot of people are doing especially around the holidays. you want to have something that
8:56 am
you can offer to even kids to make them feel like they're part of the whole christmas celebration. >> okay. >> so you don't have to worry about just having things for adults. adults can drink this, too. >> all right. >> so this wasn't little bit easier. >> okay. >> you need a little ice. >> after you got finish drinking that one you'll need easy. >> exactly. >> all right. >> this can be your end of the night drink. >> boom. >> little ice. >> now, what you want to do is add your baseline ingredients so we'll add little bit of cidar. >> okay. >> tell me when. >> that's good. >> good. >> now, ginger beer. no alcohol in ginger beer this is a lovely flavor. this gives a little bit of that spicy quality it to. >> say when. >> that's good. >> all right. >> and then -- >> ginger beer a little seltzer will finish. you don't have to be as careful with these. >> no, you don't. >> you might need to taste and play with a little bit. >> 2-ounces of seltzer. >> you want to use seltzer versus club soda seltzer is just
8:57 am
plain water that's cash bon 98ed versus club soda which actually has minerals add the to it. >> finishing touches for this one. >> little bit of lemon. >> okay. >> we'll finish this with -- >> okay. >> little sprig of rosemary. >> i love it. what's this? >> little to haved pam granite seeds now you have christ nass glass. >> let's see. >> that is delicious. >> isn't it great. >> i like it. >> okay. >> that's delicious. >> we got the non-click. we've got the adult beverage. cheers! >> cheers! >> happy holidays! >> thanks for fox food bite. >> cheers and happy holidays attorney. here's the results of our poll. do your kids get you presents? 67% say yes. 33% say no. someone i think was reading my facebook page his kids got him an empty envelope because they ran out of cards. >> my kids are going to play buy me a play station four this
8:58 am
year. >> we hope you have a wonderful merry christmas. thanks for joining us on this sunday. go, eagles! >> see you tomorrow for good day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. the democrats hold another debate. today republican candidate carly fiorina responds to front-runner hillary clinton. >> we now finally are are where we need to be. we have a strategy to go after isis. >> hillary clinton has gotten every foreign policy challenge wrong. >> carly fiorina, on clinton. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then president obama fences off criticism he's not doing enough to defeat isis and protect the homeland. >> as we keep up the pressure, our air campaign will continue to hit isil harder than ever. >> congressman adam schiff, a top democ


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